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Fathers Day


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  Some of my favorite pictures

These are soooo cute

Mr Squeeky Pig

Cute but looks like a Ninja

Prudence on my Dads computer chair....

she is only 7 weeks old here

mmmmm nice collar

why is everyone so big

c'mon move over

hang on! is this a palm tree?

This is for you Shannon....!

how adorable

wheres my carrot!

RPG Rabbit propelled grenade

are you sure this is a seesaw

sorry im very shy!

dont bother me im on my laptop!

wheres my mamma!

put them up!

frog face!

look down look down its me

why hello nice to eat you!

This is for you Megan....!




im tired dont disturb me!

my bums bigger than yours!

i can hear you!

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