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  Welcome to Emz Web site!    

  My name is Emma this is my Web site and it contains some of my favorite things.

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I Love you sooooooooo much and more and more my darling Emz Daddy xxxxxxxxxx

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I Have a new puppy her name is Prudence she is an Apricot Standard Poodle...

Click on Prudence to see more pictures.......

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its emma
hope you have a lovley day
from emma


hiya kitty,
glad you got my letter i got yours but beth won t let me see it well glad you repled.oh ive forgot to tell you something ive got a website go on it its www.fordsweb.co.uk/emz. My nickname emz. Im mad about dinosaurs and xmen (of course) hope you like my website its cool beths got one to called www.bethford.com her website is full of xmen so please go on it hope you will keep in touch i know i will From Emma xxx

 Click here for some of my favorite pictures.

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